Hot Weather Activity To Keep Little Ones Cool & Entertained…

During this heatwave I have been trying to think of things to do with Mia that will help keep her cool. She absolutely loves anything surrounding ‘messy play’ or ‘sensory play’.

I’m going to share with you one of the activities I did with Mia today, she absolutely LOVED it!

I had an empty plastic box in the garage which was perfect size for this activity. You can grab these cheaply from Ikea. Mia then chose some of her favourite figures that she has which happened to be, a bunch of littleDSC_0796 troll people and a set of paw patrol characters.

I popped these into the box and covered them all with ice.

Mia then used a wooden utensil spoon and dug through the ice to find her characters. This activity was so simple yet kept her entertained for a good 45 minutes.

I changed the activity up a little by getting out Mia’s paints and letting her paint the ice cubes in the box. Mia loves talking about colours so she really enjoyed telling me what colour paint she is going to use next. You can also freeze paint in little ice cube trays which when frozen, they can paint onto paper with to create an ice painting activity.

We used paints from ELC, priced at just £1 each. Bargain!


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