Baby No.2. This Pregnancy Is A Little Different…

We always knew we would have more children after Mia, the ‘when’ question seemed to get asked a lot.

What is the perfect age gap?, Will I cope with 2?, Will I need a double buggy?. Truth is, there is never going to be the perfect answer.

I always debated the age gap and when will be a perfect time. Having the age gap as small as possible, will I get all the tough work out the way? As big as possible? Easier in regards to having 1 less independent on you, but you just got your life back a little? Truth is there is no perfect time, you will be absolutely fine and I doubt you will find yourself sat rocking in the corner whispering, ‘if only I’d waited a little longer’.

My first pregnancy was so much different from this one. I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum with my first and have had minimal sickness with this one. This was one of my major worries.


How will I cope with a toddler and hug the toilet at the same time? Luckily I didn’t have to go through that, I just plodded along through the first trimester the best I could.

When I was pregnant with Mia I read everything to do with pregnancy. Books, blogs, forum’s, google? He was my best mate (still is). This time around, I just feel I don’t need to have that much knowledge, plus I remember most of the basics.

I organized Mia’s nursery and started getting it ready from around 28 weeks pregnant. We had the furniture paid and planned the delivery when I was 20 weeks. I wanted it just right, plus I just absolutely love organizing a nursery. Baby number 2 doesn’t even have a nursery yet, (its currently Jacks office) and probably won’t for a while yet.

I learned the first time that newborns really don’t need much. They are in your room, next to you, for the first 6 months. There really is no rush.

My first pregnancy I was so strict with what I ate. I had healthy meals and snacked on fruit. I cut out all junk food and ensured I was always drinking lots of water.

Second pregnancy… “Whats that I see, a Big Mac? Thank you”.

Ok, I haven’t really been eating lots of takeaways, I had Dominoes last night I have been eating healthy. But I have not been as strict as I was with my first pregnancy. You’ll catch me diving in the biscuit jar at 9 pm with a cup of tea.

We are super excited to be welcoming baby no2 later this year, I know Mia will absolutely love being a big sister. She is always asking to touch my belly and she gives it little kisses. It is so sweet!.

Her baby dolls are her favorite at the minute. We have a baby swing out in the living room which she is currently using for her dolls. She gives them a kiss on the head and says ‘goodnight’ before putting them in the swing. Cute eh? I know she is going to try and be so involved with this little one, I cannot wait to see the bond they are going to have and watch them grow together.

How did you feel when you found out you was expecting baby No2?IMG_2450



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