Girls Girls Girls…


If you haven’t guessed already.

We are so excited for Mia to have a baby sister, little girls are just so sweet and I can imagine I will be a family full of girls. DSC_0843-2

I’m so glad I kept the majority of Mia’s baby clothes. I did not actually realize how much I  kept until I decided to try and dig a few bits out. I’m fully stocked on newborn sleepsuits!

I was really impatient with finding out the gender of this baby. We were so close to booking a private gender scan at 16 weeks, but we managed to hold out to the 20-week scan. Anyway, fast forward to the 20-week scan and baby had other ideas. Baby’s toes were hanging around the region they needed to check so we could not find out.

We ended up booking a private gender scan for that weekend so we could find out. I felt quite nervous going to the scan and finding out. I’m not sure why, it’s not like they were going to turn around and say ‘congratulations, its a raccoon‘.

We found out we were having a girl, which we were so shocked about! I seriously thought I had a lad hanging out in there. I have had to try really hard not to go and buy a ton of new baby girl clothes. There just so so cute!

Now its time to start the fun of picking a name!

We have had a couple of names on our list from a while back. The list keeps growing, then shrinking all the time. We have a top 2 which I am 99.9% sure will be one of the final names. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until she is here for that one though!



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