24 Weeks Pregnancy Update…

Yesterday I turned 24 weeks pregnant! I cannot believe how quick that has gone.

We haven’t really brought anything as of yet, I know there is still a bit of time left, but I really do need to start focusing on getting bits together!

I have managed to go through Mia’s stuff that I have kept and pulled out the newborn sleepsuits that I will be reusing. I’m sure Mia must have worn them once each, there in perfect condition and there is just so many!

I think the most exciting thing for the baby this week is that they are now considered viable. (Please don’t make an appearance yet, you need to hang out a lot longer). Baby is now the size of an aubergine according to the pregnancy apps. It’s so funny comparing them each week to some form of fruit or vegetable.

Baby’s movements have now become very apparent! It took me a while longer to feel them this time around as my placenta is anterior. This means my placenta is at the front which is cushioning a lot of the movements. But I can well and truly feel them now!

I am no longer fitting into jeans and think I need to go and invest in a maternity pair. The weather is very soon going to change, which will be a lot easier as I cannot wait to live in baggy jumpers and leggings. I need to make a shopping trip to purchase a few ‘baggy’ items to get me through the next couple of months.

I have my 24-week midwife appointment this week. I am looking forward to hearing babies heartbeat again as it really reassures me that everything is A-OK in there. Its also the week they start to measure your bump, so I’m intrigued to see what I am measuring for this stage of my pregnancy.




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