The 2 Things I Said I Would Not Do…

When I was pregnant with Mia, I remember being that person that said I would not let my child sit on the iPad, or I would not use a dummy. I think we are all that person at some point, aren’t we?

Ohhh how this all changed once Mia arrived.

Mia has a dummy and Mia has an iPad.

I think Mia was around 2 weeks old when the dummy came out of the cupboard. She was constantly sucking on her hand or fingers even after she had just been fed. We soon realized that it was because she just wanted to do the natural thing newborns do and comfort suck. So we tried a dummy and it helped her 100%.

She still has her dummy now which we will soon work on trying to get rid of. At the moment she only has it for sleep time which I am absolutely fine with, but it will definitely be going on the Christmas tree this year in exchange for some lovely gifts.

Mia likes to sit and chill and watch the iPad if she is tired. Obviously, we limit her with it so she is not always having screen time. (We did not purposely buy her an iPad, it was our old iPad mini we just put a little pink case on for her).

She has a few educational games on there that she loves to play. She sings along to the alphabet on there and plays the number games. It’s not all bad it can be beneficial too!


These are Mia’s top 2 games to play. Smart ABC and The Alphablocks.

We would be lying if we said we haven’t taken the iPad for a walk to dinner with us. (It definitely made an appearance at the restaurant before).


Even though I said I would not do these things or give these certain things to my child, I am absolutely fine with them and they really do not have a negative impact.

Everything in moderation as they say!

Whatever decision you make for you and your child, it will be the right one. We do whats best for our families at that time and that’s the best we can do!


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