How I Keep Myself Feeling Together…

It’s easy to feel like you have let your self-slip since becoming a mum. It’s totally normal. All your love and attention is constantly on the little life you have created.

I get days where I feel like I seriously need a spruce up. Truth is, half the time I just cannot be bothered to do my makeup or make my hair look nice. There is just far too much to be doing in the day.

Being pregnant makes it harder. I am a lot more tired now and sometimes things just feel like such an ‘effort’. If I have too many days looking like a bum I start to feel all frumpy and if I don’t do something to break the cycle I get myself into a rut.

So I thought I would share with you a few things that I like to do that make me feel less like I have rolled out of bed.

Painting my nails

I can’t always find the time to go and get my nails done. I get them done every once in a while or if there is an occasion. It helps me feel less ‘bare’ so I started painting them myself which I have happily been doing for a while! I have been using the new Rimmel Super Gel by Kate Moss and I am really chuffed with it! Normal polish will chip after a day but this one has a gel-like consistency and I can get a good 3 days at best out of it before it starts to chip.



I have gotten quite lazy when it comes to self-tanning. I think it has become harder because you have to try and keep away from water whilst it is developing. You can imagine how hard this is with a toddler. I am constantly washing my hands, washing up or cleaning up some form of a mess.  I am currently using the Bondi Sands 1 Hour express tan which caught my eye by the ‘1 hour’. I leave mine on for 2 hours then wash it off, it gradually gets darker throughout the day. It works amazing and I love it!DSC_0877


I have just got my eyelashes done and I feel like they are the holy grail of life right now. I will 100% be keeping up with the top ups! I don’t wear much makeup in the week, in fact barely any so having these on makes me feel less bald around the eyes. (And distract from the black sacks underneath).


Putting a wash on (Ha!)

Ok, so this one isn’t beauty related, but it really does make a difference to my day. Getting a wash on in the morning makes me feel like I have my s**t together. So sad what makes you happy when you’re an adult aye? (Or maybe it’s just me). If I don’t get it on and get basic housework done before I head out, the day is up in the air. I have on my mind that I have to go home and do all these jobs.


I would love to know what things make you feel more ‘together’!


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