My Top 5 Go To Pregnancy Snacks…

It can be difficult trying to think of different snacks to have when you’re pregnant. You want to reach for the crisps, biscuits or mini rolls, but sometimes you have to hold yourself back and try to have something more nutritious.

I thought I would put together my top 5 go-to snacks, they are super quick to do so it doesn’t feel like a chore making it.

My toddler also loves eating them so she will sometimes have these as her snack as well. Feeding you both at the same time! (or all 3 of you).

Carrot & Cucumber Sticks With Hummus

These are very simple to do.  I don’t need to explain how to do this snack, as I’m sure you all know how to chop up some carrot and cucumber sticks! But I love this one, this is also Mia’s favorite.


Bowl Of Mixed Fruit With Yoghurt

You can have any fruit in this really. I normally would have strawberries, blueberries, and some raspberries, but will sometimes mix it up and put in things like mango. I use the Onken natural yogurt in vanilla flavor. They do a range of flavors but this and the strawberry one are my favorites!


Rye Crackers With Cheese Spread and Cucumber

Again this is very simple to do and will take about a minute. I use the Tesco dark rye crackers along with Philadelphia original and cucumber. This can also be had as a lunch which I would sometimes do alongside a piece of fruit (or packet of crisps).


Apple And Peanut Butter

I don’t normally have peanut butter as I find it quite dry, but I thought I would try it with some apple and it is so scrummy!


Edamame Beans

I love these! I will always get these when we go to Wagamama so I love having them as a snack at home. I wouldn’t have this every day, but I guess its fine if you do, there a great source of protein!


I would love to know what healthy snacks you like to have, pregnant or non-pregnant!


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