What My Toddler Eats In A Day…

I thought I would put together a little post about what my toddler eats in a typical day. I know how easy it is to lose momentum with ideas. Hopefully, this can give you some idea of what to feed your toddler if you are ever stuck!



This morning Mia had a bowl of shreddies alongside some banana. Breakfast is different every single morning and I try to let Mia choose what she wants. Unless its chocolate biscuits then she is not allowed to choose! (Yes I’ve been there, and yes there has been a time she had a chocolate biscuit for her breakfast) She loves having egg, so mostly at the weekends she will have scrambled egg or poached egg on toast.

Mid-Morning Snack

Mia has a snack around 10am, this is when you will catch her head first in the snack cupboard. Today Mia had a ‘chocolate roll’ as she calls it. (Its actually just a brioche but I will let her figure that one out). She loves fruit, so a lot of the time this snack will be something like an apple.


For lunch today, Mia had a little snack plate. I tend to do this most days as she enjoys her lunch better. This little plate is from Cath Kidston and is great for lunchtimes! I find Mia will eat a lot better when her food is placed like this. Today she had a cheese wrap with some blueberries and strawberries, alongside a yogurt and some little cheese and herb puffs. These herb puffs are actually from the baby aisle in the supermarket. She still likes these, but will also eat things like quavers and pom bears.

Afternoon Snack

Mia again will choose her afternoon snack. If she has a nap she will have this when she wakes up, but she doesn’t always nap so I will give her something around 2:30. Today she chose to have some carrot and a satsuma. I know really random, but I guess its healthy so I won’t argue! She also had a couple of little animal biscuits she snuck out the cupboard!



I’m fully aware this probably looks like a pile of mess but it was yummy! Mia will have whatever we have for dinner unless we have something like curry or takeaway, then I will do her something different. Tonight we had beef stir fry in black bean sauce.



This is just a typical day what she will have and every day is different. We are lucky Mia is a good eater and she will normally eat anything you give her. However, like any other child, she has days where she is fussy and just does not want to eat.

I would love to know what sort of meal ideas you have for your children!


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