Body Changes During Pregnancy…

IMG_4009I think the female body is absolutely amazing with how it works and how it can grow a human! I still sit and think of all the amazing changes we go through to accommodate a little bubba.

So many changes both physically and mentally can be quite hard for some. I suffered a lot of mood swings during my first trimester I actually started to feel bad for some of the people around me! But it is fine, they totally understand.

Physically I really don’t mind being pregnant. I love a baby bump, I think they are so cute and whenever I see a pregnant woman I think they look amazing. I haven’t suffered from any spots or redness, I have been quite lucky with my skin this time around and it has been pretty clear! During my first pregnancy, I had such a dull complexion and I felt my skin just looked awful. This could have been because I was so unwell but I hated it!

The one thing I do struggle with, and I did with Mia, are my hips. They get really achy and sore of a nighttime and it’s hard to lay on my side for longer than 10 minutes. This is obviously very uncomfortable so I do try a few different things to try and relieve it. I put a pillow or the duvet between my knees and lay so the pressure is not directly on my hip.

I do worry how big I will get this time around as they say you are typically bigger in further pregnancies. I am only small so I don’t want to look like I have a huge basketball up my top. (Even though this is probably what I will look like). I struggle a bit with finding outfits and what to wear. Every outfit I try on I don’t like or I think I look huge and I end up in a huff that I have nothing to wear. Jack must hear this about 564 times a week.

But I need to remember my body is changing for something amazing to happen and its such an incredible experience, one I am really enjoying. I may have a different view in another months time when I’m even bigger and achier but for now, I am going to enjoy it.IMG_4033

Dani xo


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