My Top 5 Tips For Transitioning From Cot To Bed…

Mia has been in her big bed for a few months now, so I thought I would share with you a few tips we went by that helped our transition. Luckily, we didn’t have any problems with moving Mia, she settled really well in her new bed.

There is no ‘best’ time to move your toddler from a crib to a bed. Most toddlers start the transition somewhere between the ages of 2-3 1/2. It can be a big transition for your little ones that can result in new fears, night wandering and new insecurities.

To ensure the transition was as smooth as possible we ensured there was nothing else major happening that might throw her off. This could be potty training, moving house or even a new baby on the way.

Although we now have a new baby on the way, Mia is well and truly settled into her bed now. If you do have a baby on the way, it is probably best to try and leave at least 8 weeks before the baby arrives for your toddler to adjust.


SAFETY FIRST! This is a good time to add some form of nightlight to your toddler’s room. We have the gro clock for Mia that works as a nightlight. They are bound to start waking up in the night and having a little wonder, so it is important it’s not too dark that they bump into something or fall over something. Safety gates at the top of the stairs should also be thought about if your child is not yet confident on the stairs, or a safety gate across their bedroom door if you don’t feel comfortable with them leaving their room on their own during the night.


Get Them Involved

Allowing your toddler to get involved with the changing of the bed will help them feel a lot more special. Make a big deal out of it, buy some books about sleeping in a big bed. It will get your child all excited about the change and they will look forward to it. You can also allow your child to go with you to pick their own bedding.

Keep Bedtime Routine The Same

There is nothing like a big change to throw a toddler off balance. If you have a well-established bedtime routine try not to change anything, It will help them massively with the change if everything around them stays the same. It will keep some form of normality for them. If you do not have a routine, try and get a little one going before you make the change. It will make things a lot easier when it comes to it.


Personally, I waited until Mia showed signs she was ready to move. If they are happy in their crib then there isn’t really any need to throw a spanner in the works. Not just for the sake of them but for yourself. We knew Mia was ready as she began waking up 3/4 times in the night wanting to get out her cot and get into our bed. At first, we thought it was a separation issue, but turns out she wanted to be in a bed with a duvet and pillow.


Consistency is always important when introducing big transitions. When putting the new bed in try and keep it in the same place the cot is. Moving the room around too much can cause stress to some toddlers. You want to make the change as ‘small as possible’.

I hope these tips can help if you are thinking of moving your toddler into a big bed. I would love to know what your tips are or what worked best for you!DSC_1023

Dani xo


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