28 Week Pregnancy Update…

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset28 Weeks! In the third and final trimester!. I can’t believe I have reached the final trimester, I feel like I blinked and just landed here.

I’m so glad the weather is starting to cool down. It is so much easier dressing a bump. Baggy t-shirts and jumpers are what I currently live for. I am living in leggings, I have both normal pairs and maternity pairs. They are just so much more comfortable than squeezing into a pair of jeans when everything feels tighter.

Since my 24 week update (see that here). I’m starting to feel it a lot more now. I feel much bigger with a proper bump! By the end of the day, I am a lot more uncomfortable with a backache, but nothing a hot bath won’t sort out!

Appointments this week

We had our first growth scan this week. I did mention on my Instagram page that I will fill you in some more on why we are having them. So here goes…

We had our normal routine blood tests done at 12 weeks where they found my hormone levels to be higher than average. The midwives/doctor (whoever phoned me), informed me that this could lead to my placenta slowing down as the pregnancy progresses. Obviously, this scared me at the time but they assured me they would be keeping a close eye on me and if slow growth was to be picked up, I would just be induced early. So I had the first growth scan this week and everything was absolutely fine. This was such a relief and baby is measuring bang on for her gestational age. Our next growth scan is at 35 weeks where hopefully everything will still be in good working order and baby still growing perfectly.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Size of baby

Measuring around 14.8 inches from head to toe. 2.2 pounds in weight. This is just estimations for this week of pregnancy using a pregnancy app. This is not the actual measurements of my baby.


I do not really have much to say about this one as it is not really happening at the minute. It is taking me so long to fall asleep at night, then getting up to go to the toilet twice and waking up in the morning with a toddler. I need to sellotape my eyes open.

Things we have brought

These are just a few little things we have recently purchased.

White bodysuits – H&M Click Here

Photo Album – Amazon Click Here

Aden & Anais Muslins – Amazon Click Here

BabyBundle Widgey 5 in 1 Nursing Pillow – Amazon Click Here

I have put a link there for you in case there is anything you like and would like to purchase. A lot of stuff I tend to order through Amazon as we get the next day prime delivery.  But you can get the majority of the stuff from John Lewis if you prefer to not order online.

Our Changing Bag

Nothing beats a new changing bag! This deserved its own little section with a photoshoot because I just love new changing bags! We have decided to go with the Pacapod as it just looked amazing for the price and comes with so much stuff. We got it in grey as this is quite a neutral color and would be fine for Jack to carry around also.


The little pods come with the bag and are great for keeping your bag tidy and organized. We all know what changing bags can get like!.

I hope you are all enjoying the pregnancy updates.

Dani xo


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