2 Year Old Bedtime Routine…

Where do I begin with this one…

Mias bedtime routine has gone right down the pan the last couple months. It started to dwindle when I was going through the first trimester of this pregnancy. Half the time I was just looking for the easy way about things due to being so tired and having some nausea. This resulted in her falling asleep in our bed and it slowly became a habit. Oopsie.


Like Butter Wouldn’t Melt <3

Anyway, before all this craziness began, we had a really good bedtime routine in place for Mia. She would go for her bath around 6:45 then would spend time in her room reading books, playing with some toys before we put her to bed and she would fall asleep around 7:30 no issue. Oh, those were the days. Now I’m chasing her round at 8:30 telling her to stop launching her bedroom down the stairs.

Changing her into a big bed also gave her that independence to get herself up once put to bed so this also played a part in the not going to bed phase. Testing the waters you know, like 2-year-olds love to do.

Once Mia is asleep she stays asleep and is absolutely fine in her bed. She comes into our bed sometimes, it can be around 2am other days it’s not till 5:30-6. She has also gone off reading her books as much before bed. She asks to watch ‘Bing’ on the TV instead, which I don’t mind if that’s how she would rather wind down, but I miss reading to her before bedtime. Plus, Bing and his pals start to grind on you a bit when you have watched them 10 too many times. It is not a ‘Bing thing’ anymore.

Nap times

This is a tricky one. Mia is in the awkward phase where if she has a nap she doesn’t want to go to bed, but if she does not nap then bedtime is not as bad. Most days she can’t get through the day without a nap so its hard. She will genuinely just lay herself on the sofa and go to sleep when you’re not looking. I have tried to limit the nap to an hour but its impossible to wake her. She’ll just fall asleep again on the floor if she can.

We have decided that we need to get back into a strict routine before the baby arrives as I can imagine it will be a bit chaotic come bedtime. I have put a plan in place that I am gonna try my best to stick too and hope it works!


Loves Her Bath’s.

6:45 – Bath

7:15 – Spend time in Mia’s room again like we used too, do a puzzle.

7:45 – Put her into bed, read a book.

8:00 – Bedtime

At first, I know this is gonna be really difficult and its gonna be a lot of times sitting outside the door and putting her back to bed when she gets up. But we have to stick to it and hopefully, it will only be a couple of nights before she starts getting back into a routine of bedtime.

If you have any tips or tricks that worked for you and your toddler’s bedtime I would love to know them! I will also report back to you all and let you know how we get on.



Dani xo


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