Top 5 Make-up Picks…

I thought I would share with you all my current top makeup picks, which I currently use.

I have tried so many different brands and seem to always revert back to the same one. So without further adieu, let’s get started on my top current picks!


Benefit Makeup. This is my go-to brand that I think I will forever stay with. Everything pictured below is in my everyday makeup routine, except for the highlighter that’s just for special occasions. IMG_4581

Foundation – Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW. I have tried so many different foundations throughout the year and I have stuck with this one as being one of my top picks. It glides on your skin so easily and feels very light. Any foundation that feels cakey and sticky I cannot deal with! This is a medium coverage so is perfect for everyday wear. If I am going out or want more of a full coverage to cover my evergrowing family of freckles, I like to use a Nars foundation.

Highlighter – Benefit Watt’s Up! This again glides on very easily at the end of your makeup. It gives a lovely shine and does not look too overdone.

Primer – Benefit The Porefessional. This has been one of my favorite primers for a long time. I used to use the original Porefessional, but have just recently switched to the pearl edition. It has a lovely velvety finish and helps your foundation go on so smoothly! It also really does fill in your pores.

Brow Setter – Benefit 24 Hour Brow Setter. This can be used on its own or to help set any product you have put on your brows. This stays on all day and stops any product from disappearing.

Powder – MAC Pressed Powder. This is used to set my foundation and can also be used to set your concealer. I have had this ages and it really does last!


These are the current tools I use to apply my makeup.

Beauty Blender – These sponges I actually get from Primark. They are £2 and the current marble effect design is a winner! It makes me not want to get the product on them! They work just as well as any of the other more pricey sponges and I cannot fault them.

Brushes – I have used the real techniques brushes for a long time. They work amazing and last for ages! I have the face brush set, powder and blush brush, and the eye set. These are the only brushes I currently use.

I love trying new beauty and makeup products so if there is anything you would recommend please let me know.

Dani xo


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