6 Tips To Prepare Your Toddler For A New Baby…

If you have a second baby on the way you may be wondering how best to help your toddler adjust.

There are so many different stories out there (even horror stories) of bringing home your second child and all hell breaks loose. Toddlers asking if baby can be returned to the hospital, can baby go back in mummy’s tummy, you know, all that nice stuff.

Its such a big change for them we shouldn’t blame them really. They are so used to having you all to themselves and having your full attention, which they are now gonna have to share.

We all want to make the big change as easy as we can for our little ones so I thought I would share 6 tips to help prepare your toddler for the new arrival. I am currently trying these myself, so hopefully, I can get back to you soon on how well Mia adjusted to her new baby sister.

  1. Involve in Preparations

Let your toddler get involved with all the buying and organizing of the new baby things. Let them choose colors or bedding. You could even let them help build the babies crib and dress it. Getting them to help put away the clothes, or even help pack the babies things ready for the hospital! There is so much they can be getting involved in.


2. Books

Big brother/sister books, will help them in understanding their new role as a big sibling. There are so many books out there at the minute that relate to this. I currently have the books ‘I’m a Big Sister‘ and ‘ There’s A House Inside My Mummy‘.

3. Bring Them Along

Bring them along to appointments with you if you are able to do so. Mia loves going to scans and always talks about going to see ‘baby sister’ when we mention going. Midwife appointments are great for them to attend they can get involved with finding the heartbeat on the doppler or even help to measure mummy’s tummy.

4. Tummy Time

Encourage your little one to feel your tummy or talk to their new sibling through your tummy, This will be a very good bonding time for them both.


5. One On One Time

When the baby has arrived try to spend some one on one time with your toddler so they still feel just as special. When the baby is napping or being watched by somebody go and do a puzzle or some drawing, your toddler will have your full attention for that little time.

6. Gift From Baby

When the baby has arrived have a little present ready to give your toddler. Whether they are coming to visit you in the hospital or you see them when you arrive home, the present can be a little surprise from their new sibling. A thank you for being the best big brother/sister. This will make them feel extra special in their new role.

Let me know your top tips for preparing a toddler for a new arrival!

Dani xo


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