Pregnancy Favourites…

I was going to title this one ‘pregnancy essentials’ but they are not really essentials, they are more just what I have found to be my favorite things during this pregnancy.

One thing I wish I could have put on here is a pregnancy pillow. I have been using just the duvet between my knees, which hasn’t been too bad. I don’t really want to purchase one now as I am nearing towards the end of the pregnancy.


Maternity Leggings

These have been a must this pregnancy. They are so so comfy! I have been wearing the MAMA Leggings from H&M, £8.99 a pair. I could imagine these would be great post-partum if you have a c-section, as they go over your bump and there is nothing rubbing or digging in. They do them in different colors too, so you can grab them all and have a super comfy maternity wardrobe sorted!


Maternity Bras

H&M again, these maternity bras are super soft and comfy and are just £19.99 for 2! They don’t have underwires so there won’t be anything digging in. I got so annoyed with normal bras and how much they started to hurt. I switched to maternity bras around 21 weeks. I may just even stay in these just for the comfiness.

Body Moisturiser

I think this is a must in most peoples pregnancy journeys. All the hormonal changes can lead to skin feeling a lot drier, another lovely symptom on the never-ending list! I tend to use it mostly on my bump as it keeps my bump nice and smooth, and hey who knows moisturizing your bump may help minimalize the appearance of stretch marks! I haven’t actually been using a pregnancy-related moisturizer or special sort of tummy buttercream designed for pregnancy. I have been using the good old vaseline body moisturizer in cocoa. It smells amazing!


Image result for vaseline spray moisturiser

Any Supermarket


Lip Balm

This is also something I will definitely pack in my hospital bag. I found my lips felt really dry when in labor because of the gas and air. My top 3 are pictured below which you can purchase from any supermarket and are also very cheap!



Pregnancy App

I love these apps. It’s funny to go and see what size baby relates to this week. I use the pregnancy+ app and you can change whether baby relates to fruit, sweets or animal. it gives you daily updates to read and also weekly ones. There is also a countdown on the front so you can see how long is left and how many days pregnant you are.


Image result for pregnancy+ app

Pregnancy+ App



Dani xo


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