Newborn Baby Clothes Haul…


I thought I would share with you all some of the clothes we have brought for baby.

It’s so hard to resist when buying baby clothes, they are just so cute! I have had to stop myself buying newborn size as they really are not in that size long so you won’t get enough wear out of them. I just think everything looks so much cuter when it is in the tiniest size.

Baby will be born in winter so the majority of the stuff I have been getting is knitwear and cozy things. Long sleeve vests have also been a must as I know by this time it will be super cold.

We haven’t had to buy many sleepsuits, in fact, I think I have only brought about 5! We kept all of Mias newborn stuff which I am so glad we did. Its all in brand new condition as it was hardly worn. So I am going to wash it all to refresh it. What’s sweeter than seeing your baby sister wearing the same sleepsuit you wore at that age?!


I wasn’t joking when I said I had purchased about 5! These are all the sleepsuits I have brought. The grey frilly one on the far left my sister actually brought, it’s so cute, isn’t it?! I am pretty sure I have about 10 or more newborn sleepsuits ready to dig out that was Mia’s. So I am going to sort all this out over the next week so I know what I have incase I need to get more. The 2 top left is from Mothercare, and the other 3 were a multipack from Next.



These are the only 2 I have purchased so far. I may grab another one but I think these will be enough as I have a lot of knitwear. My sister is getting me a pram suit which baby will most likely be in most of the time! Both of these cardigans are from M&S and are such lovely quality.


This is just a couple of little rompers that little one has. They are so cute and I can’t wait to see her in the grey one. My sister brought the grey on the left from Mothercare and it’s so cute! It has a little frilly collar and frilly sleeves. The 2 on the left are from H&M and came in a pack of 2 for £12.99. These will be perfect under a pram suit and are very handy for nappy changes as they button down the side. These have no footsies on so I have brought some little socks to go with it.


Knitwear is a gonna be a big statement in little one’s wardrobe due to being a winter baby! I have got a couple of bits but I think I could do with getting some more. I love the knitwear in Zara baby so I will go there and pick up a couple of little outfits. Its probably not needed but they are so cute so why not! The left picture including the romper and knitted trousers are from Zara. The white knitted set is from Berry&Blossom and the pink set is from Mothercare.



These are the most obvious thing you need when buying for a baby. I have decided this time I am going with the wrap over style vest rather than the overhead ones. These will make changing a lot easier as you won’t have to try and wiggle a tiny head through the head hole at 2am. I also think they look nicer and can be paired with some little trousers or leggings! These are from H&M, which they now do a pack of 4 for £12.99!

Dani xo


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