5 Things I Would Do Differently 2nd Time Around…

My first and second baby will be around 2 years 10 months apart. I didn’t know then what I know now, I feel like I have learned an awful lot over the past 2 1/2 years!

As I am in my final trimester and have just over 8 weeks left, I thought I would share with you a few things I have been thinking about that I will do differently this time around when baby arrives.

Feeding Pressure

These days there is so much pressure on women regarding how they feed their baby. In my eyes, it does not matter if your baby is breast or bottle fed if their being fed and their tummies are full that’s all that matters right?! I am 100% going to try and breastfeed this little one but if it doesn’t work out I won’t put pressure on myself, and I won’t feel guilty whichever route we go down.

Relax More

Coming home from the hospital with your first baby can feel like the scariest moment. All of a sudden your at home alone, with a little human to look after. Midwives are gone, nurses are gone, it’s just you and the bubba. I used to panic over the littlest things with my firstborn. She used to spit up quite a bit of milk and I honestly thought something was wrong with her, I was losing sleep! Well, sleep was way lost anyway, but if there was any more to lose you betcha I was. I am a lot more confident this time around and I feel so much more relaxed, I will look forward to coming home from the hospital and I will not worry over the tiniest things!

Teeny Tiny Baby Clothes

Ok, this one is really difficult. I think buying baby clothes has just turned into a hobby. I have to try and hold myself back going to the shops as I have come to realize there is just no need. First time around I brought so much newborn stuff that she did not even get around to wearing it all.

Baby Wearing

I did not do a lot of this with my first, I found it quite uncomfortable. I think I had the straps wrong so it used to give me a backache. I will definitely be baby wearing this around as it will be so much easier when out and about with a toddler. Its also so handy to get things done around the house, they can just hang at the front like a baby kangaroo. So very soon I will be on the hunt for one of these!

Take Help

I am awful for this. I never take up peoples offers to help. Most of the time I am genuinely¬†fine, I don’t need it. But if someone is going to offer us dinner in those first couple weeks being home, I am taking it! It is nice to take help when people offer, it just gives you that little less thing to worry about or even an hour to yourself.


Dani xo


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