32 Week Pregnancy Update…

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset32 weeks pregnant… where is the time going!!

I feel like I have achieved a lot since my last update. I also feel a lot better in terms of energy wise. My energy is back and I feel like I’m currently on a roll! I actually think I may be nesting?! I am sorting so much stuff out, getting things ready and cleaning my house constantly. I hope this feeling stays for a while so I can get everything finished.

We started the nursery this week which I am so relieved we did. It was starting to stress me out the thought of not even beginning it. But its fine, the office has been moved out and the room is painted with the curtains up. There isn’t a lot more to do in there. Jack is revamping the wardrobe in there this weekend so next week I will begin to wash some clothes and get things put away in the wardrobe and drawers.

How many weeks pregnant:

32 Weeks

Size of baby:

Size of a coconut. Around 42cm and weighing around 3.7lbs.


Since my last update at 28 weeks, I have only had 1 midwife appointment. This went well and everything was fine. They start to measure your fundal height at week 28 so that was done and I was measuring just 1cm smaller than my pregnancy week. I was quite shocked as I was always measuring small with Mia and being sent for growth scans. I guess I am having growth scans anyway so I can see the baby is growing well. I have my 32-week midwife appointment next week so hopefully, this all goes well,  I also hope that baby has gone head down! she turned and was head up last time, so fingers crossed she has flipped back.

How I am feeling:

As I said above I am feeling a lot more energized now and feel like I may have begun nesting. I am enjoying the feeling of having energy as it won’t be long until I am feeling dead to the world with lack of sleep. I am also enjoying the night’s sleep before the nights are full of nappies and feeding.

Our Pram!

So we have our pram! I absolutely love it, so much so the toddler seat is on and Mia is currently using it! We have gone with the Bugaboo and I am so glad we did. It is such a beautiful pram and it moves so smoothly. It has a carry basket underneath for shopping and I have got a little hook to put on the handle to carry bags on. There is also leather on the handlebars both where you push and across the pram.

Things to do 

Finish the nursery, pack my hospital bag and buy some more little bits.


My pyjamas are officially getting too small. I am on the hunt for some nice pyjamas and also a nightshirt to pack in my hospital bag. I cannot seem to come across any I like. If you know anywhere with some nice nightwear in at the moment please share with me.

Dani xo


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