Writing A Birth Plan…

As D-Day gets closer, the time has come to start thinking about my birth plan. I get asked by the midwife what I would like on my birth plan, or if I have written one. Truth is I don’t actually know where to start.

It all seems a bit crazy that you would write a plan for something you will have no control over on the day. But I guess it is nice to have your wishes all in one place, so everybody is on the same page and knows what you want when you are in labor.

I had minimal on my birth plan when I had my first. I will probably have the same again but with a few extra things.

I thought I would put together a list of things you can put on your birth plan if you are stuck with what to include.

Birth Partner

You can pop on your plan who you would like your birth partner to be. This can include who you want in the room when you are giving birth. I only liked my partner to be there and it will be the same again this time around.

Pain Relief

This is one that will pop up most on peoples plans. A lot will put they will want to try and go all the way with no pain relief but gas and air. I left this one blank last time and will this time around. I never know how I will feel on the day in terms of how painful it is gonna be so I want to have that available if I need it. You could mention if you would like to try breathing techniques before anything or try the birthing pool. You can also add any pain relief that you want to avoid.

Birth Pool

If your hospital has this available you may want to use it as a form of pain relief or to give birth in. I will add to my plan that I will try it for pain relief. If I want to stay in and give birth then that’s also not a problem as I don’t mind the thought of a water birth.

Placenta Delivery

Your midwife will ask you this in one of your antenatal appointments nearing the end of your third trimester. In the hospital, they will offer an injection to help speed this stage up. You can also have a natural third stage without the injection and allow the placenta to come out on its own. I will be taking the offer of the injection like I did the first time around. It really did speed things up which meant I could get on the ward quicker and settle down.

Umbilical Cord

If you have a preference for who you would like to cut your babies cord then this can be added on there. Put on there if you would like your birthing partner to cut the cord. You can also add if you would like delayed cord clamping.

Feeding Your Baby

It is good to put on here about how you want to feed your baby. Be clear if you want to bottle feed, and same with breastfeeding. I will be breastfeeding so I will put this down and also put that I will allow extra support if it is needed.

Remember your birth plan is not set in stone. It is best to stay flexible and accept that things may not go exactly according to plan on the day. Don’t be disheartened if anything goes against your wishes.

Dani xo


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