What You Really Need For A Newborn…

IMG_0911There are so many lists flying around, when it comes to preparing for a baby you feel like you need one of everything in the world. As I prepare for my second baby I find myself wondering, what do babies really need?

I’ll admit when I had my first I probably went a bit over the top. I think you just do because it is such an exciting time! The second time around I have brought quite a bit, but I have tried to keep things like clothes to a minimal.

I thought I would put a list together of essentials you really need. If you are preparing for a little one I hope this helps!

A Safe Place To Sleep

Babies will need a safe place to sleep, whether this is a moses basket or a crib. Something with a flat mattress and no loose bedding.


Newborns spend most of their time in a vest and sleepsuit. They may go through a few a day so these I would say are a necessity. I brought loads of cute outfits for my first that I don’t even think she wore! She spent most of her time in sleepsuits. What’s cuter than a baby in a sleepsuit?! Clothing I would recommend for a newborn:

  • Vests
  • Sleepsuits
  • Hat
  • Pramsuit (in colder months)
  • Socks
  • Scratch mitts


This is a pretty obvious one. If you are breastfeeding then your already prepared for this one. If you are formula feeding then you will need to get in some bottles and some formula. There is a lot of judgey stuff out there, you will trail the internet for 3 minutes and find some form of an article about why you have made the wrong decision. Whatever you choose, as long as the baby has food the baby is fine!


You will need to get one of these even if you are breastfeeding. Things like dummies and breast pumps need to be sterilized after their use.

Breast Feeding Care

If you are breastfeeding you may decide that you want to pump or even do a mixture of both. If you decide you want to do any pumping you will need to invest in a breast pump! There are a lot of different ones on the market some are manual some are electric, some are single ones some are double ones. Have a little research online and find which one will suit you best. Also, don’t forget your nipple cream…. thank me later.

Car Seat & Travel System

Hospitals these days won’t let you leave unless you have a car seat for the baby. They will often want to see this in person so make sure you bring it with you to the hospital! A travel system/buggy will be needed obviously for any outings with the baby. Travel systems are a bit pricier but you will normally get a seat for when baby outgrows the carrycot so will be handy for when they are bigger.




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