34 Week Pregnancy Update…

IMG_5538Eeeeek I cannot believe I am writing this! We are well and truly nearing the end of this pregnancy. Here we are, just 6 weeks till baby girls due date, how did we get here so fast when my first pregnancy felt like it lasted 3 years!

Ever since about 2 weeks ago this pregnancy has started to get hard. Baby has had a growth spurt and I am starting to feel all sorts of aches and pains. Tiredness is creeping back in and sleeping is becoming very difficult. I have been having braxton hicks for a while, they started quite early on this pregnancy. At the minute they are crazy and I can feel the pressure of them so much more.

How many weeks pregnant:


Size of baby

Size of a cantaloupe melon … around 4 3/4 pounds and almost 18 inches long.


Our 34-week midwife appointment went well. You may remember me saying that baby was breech in my last update which you can read here. Baby has turned back around and is now head down which is a relief! Our next appointment will be our final growth scan at 35 weeks if all is well the consultant will discharge us.

How I am feeling

Aches and pains are definitely starting to set in. I feel a lot achier this time around. Baby has been laying back to back a lot so you can imagine the strain on my back. I have also been suffering from restless legs. I had this with my first but it seems to be a lot worse this time. I have purchased some Epsom salts and a leg cooling gel that is supposed to help relieve tired legs. Hopefully, this starts to work!

Things to do

Well, there is still a little bit to do in the nursery which we haven’t got around to doing yet. I also need to start washing the clothes this week and I think I should make a start on my hospital bag.

Things to buy

We have now got the majority of everything we need! It is such a weight off of your shoulders when you finally get to a point when you feel ‘ready’. Do you ever feel ‘ready’? I feel ready in terms of having most stuff but I have a lot to prepare and get ready. I still need to buy:

  • Isofix Base
  • Breast pump
  • Last of the hospital bag essentials

I also want to hire a Tens machine as I have heard positive things about them. Anything to help relieve some pain in labor aye!



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