36 Week Pregnancy Update…


Hey everyone, so this is the 9-month update!

As we begin our ninth month of pregnancy I can’t help but feel a little bit emotional that it will all be over in a couple of weeks. This pregnancy has absolutely flown by and my time with just me and Mia is nearly at an end! We are so excited for her to be here and Mia keeps on asking for her so we know she is excited too!

We finally got discharged from the consultant this week. We had our last appointment on Tuesday and everything went fine. Baby is growing a little on the large side but they weren’t too worried. However, I am as I have to push it out! This was such a shock as I was having scans because baby may have been too small, and here she is on the big side.

They also told me baby was head down and very deep into my pelvis. My consultant told me she may be here earlier, so that’s even more exciting! hopefully, she is then she won’t get too big in there.

How many weeks pregnant:


Size of baby:

We actually got an esitimate from our growth scan this week. Baby is weighing around 6.5lbs. These estimations can be way off and very rarely accurate, but if so depending on when I go into labour I could imagine she will be around 8lb.


As I said we have had our final growth scan and the consultant has discharged us. We have our 36-week midwife appointment next week!

How I have been feeling:

Oh goodness, this is an interesting one. With baby being so far down I honestly feel like there is a watermelon between my legs. It is worse when I get up in the morning and when I try to turn over in bed at night. I’m honestly like a turtle stuck on its back. It isn’t too bad during the day, I get a little backache but overall I’m generally ok.

Things to do:

I started to wash the clothes this week and began to pack mine and babies hospital bags! woohoo! I must get them finished just in case she does make an early appearance. I still need to do a little separate bag with some snacks and drinks to get us through the long hours. I say us I really mean Jack, who eats during labour?! During my first labour, we were at the hospital nearly 24 hours and Jack ordered Dominoes, I woke up and he was chewing chicken strips near my ear. CAN YOU IMAGINE? So we will avoid that this time and bring some snacks with us.

Things left to buy:

  • Isofix Base
  • Breastpump

I am on the hunt for a good breast pump, one that is electric. If you have any recommendations please let me know! I mean, I have not got long left to get one, so I need to speed up on that.

So that is our 36-week update. The next one will be 38 weeks, but who knows she may have made an appearance by then!



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