38 Week Pregnancy Update…

IMG_666338 weeks….

Our final pregnancy update has come around! Baby will be here anytime and I cannot believe we have reached the end of the pregnancy.  With just 2 weeks till our actual due date, we are currently at the waiting game stage.

Every twinge, cramp or ache has me thinking ‘ THIS IS IT’. One of these days its gonna be the real deal.

I haven’t thought much about labor throughout my whole pregnancy. I have the mindset of this baby has one way out and one way only. There is no other way out and its only a few hours of pain for a lifetime of happiness.

Our bags are all packed and ready to go. Just a few last minute things like makeup I will need to throw in once its time. We also have her crib all set up now and I can’t wait to just see her laying there!

We went with the SnuzPod 3 and I am so happy with what we chose! It is so pretty and can also be attached to the bed which is very handy.

How many weeks pregnant:


Size of baby:

Size of a watermelon (holy moly)


Our last midwife appointment went absolutely fine. My bump is measuring quite small so at our next appointment which is next week, if it is still small I will have to go for another scan.

How I have been feeling:

Pregnancy insomnia is really bad at the minute. I am up most the night then getting up with Mia in the morning so I have no time to catch up on any sleep. Is this the human body getting us ready for all the sleepless nights ahead?!

We have now purchased everything we are gonna need. I have got all the clothes washed, ironed and put away. Bags are all packed so now its just time to wait on this little one’s arrival.

Let’s hope I can update you all soon with a birth announcement!!



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