Ava’s Birth Story…

I can’t believe I am writing this! I still cannot believe that she is here. During pregnancy you feel like your gonna be pregnant forever. Even though my pregnancy seemed to fly past, I still had a moment where I felt like it was never really happening.

My labour and delivery was a completely different experience to when I had my first.

On Friday 23rd November I went to my usual 38 week midwife appointment. My bump was measuring quite small so following their general routine I was sent for a growth scan. I was having growth scans throughout my pregnancy anyway but my last one was at 35 weeks where the growth seemed to have shot up and baby was measuring on the big side. After my growth scan the results showed the growth had sort of stayed the same.  The doctor who was looking after me decided that herself and the consultant on duty were going to induce me due to static growth and with my due date just over a week away it was best to just have baby then.

This obviously came as a big shock and I immeditely called Jack so he could pass by home and grab our bags!. I was absolutely full of dread at this point, I was yet to hear anyone share a positive induction story. All I had heard was how much more intense it can be.

After getting my bed around 7pm my pessery was put in at 10pm and they checked me to see I was 1cm dilated. This pessery had to stay in for 24 hours and during this time I began to have a little mild cramping but nothing major. As I had not gone into labour, I removed my pessary at 10pm Saturday night and then waited 6 hours to see if my body will progress with labour on its own. This again did not happen so a doctor came to check me at 4am. I was still 1cm but he could feel babies head had moved down. The doctor put a gel like substance (which was another stage to an indication) in on my cervix to encourage things to happen quicker  All of this happening I was still so calm and believe it or not, I was actually very relaxed.

5am I could feel some contractions starting. They started to very quickly ramp up and i was checked again too which I was 3cm. Active labour starts at 4cm so I was not quite ready to go upstairs to Labour and Delivery, and as I was progressing quickly, they did not bother to break my waters. I asked for some pain relief as the contractions were coming very quickly.

It had now only been around 5 minutes since they gave me some pethidine, I knew I needed to go upstairs. I began to get a lot of pressure and I could feel my body trying to push. My midwife checked me again as I told her about the pressure and to all of our suprise I was 7cm! We could not believe it, I was only checked about 15 minutes beforehand.

My midwife rushed us up to labour and delivery and my body was pushing whilst we was in the lift going up. All I could hear was my midwife telling me not too push, but I couldn’t it was literally out of my control.

When we got into the room I was transferred beds and I got the gas and air! Majorly focusing on my breathing is something I done in both of my labours, it helps massively. Although during this labour I had a sinus infection and couldn’t breathe out my nose. Could you imagine! I began too push and follow my body and within 12 minutes Ava was born at 6:55am weighing 7lb 2oz, the same as her big sister.

My total active labour was 25 minutes and pushing was 12 minutes. I still cannot believe how quick it was and how quick everything progressed.

My labour, although I was induced, was a lovely experience and I was home the same day at dinnertime back with Mia. I missed her so much! My induction took me massively by surprise. Simply because I had never heard anyone say they had a very straightforward induction. Mine could not have gone any smoother and if I was to have another baby and induction was an option, I would take it in a heartbeat. 


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