Postpartum Life…

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was never aware of anything that goes on during the postpartum period. Sure I had heard of postnatal depression and the lack of sleep, but how tough could it really be?!

I didn’t even think about it. Obviously I knew my life would change dramatically but I knew I would make it work.

I knew I was going to be very tired, but I never really knew what the hell I was in for. Truth is, you will feel a level of exhaustion you never knew was possible.

Having a baby is the most incredible, beautiful happiest thing in the world and I feel so blessed to have my girls, but having a baby really does change everything.


When I was pregnant with my second child the memories of recovery came flooding back. But it’s almost as if you forget how tiring the process can be. A bit like forgetting how painful labour is. So you decide to do it again!

My babies are worth every bit of tiredness and every bit of pain.

You’ll be very sore after giving birth (obviously) the afterpains seemed to be a lot worse the second time around. Afterpains?! What are those?! Basically mother nature’s way of saying ‘Here, labour was not enough have a few more days of mini contractions to help you along’ Cheers!

Your boobs will probably hurt. In fact breastfeeding is HARD.

I seemed to think that something so natural would be so easy. Wrooooooooong. Oh so wrong. It comes with many challenges and if you overcome them to continue your breastfeeding journey I salute you. Your doing a great job.

The newborn days go by so quickly, you feel like your in this ball of fog but before you know it you will be sleeping through the night again. You will look back and will not believe your baby was ever that small, who relied on you so much. They grow more and more independent every day and watching them reach their milestones will bring you so much joy, it will outweigh all the hard parts. This is why we go through it again and again.

But in the midst of all the recovery, you will be so consumed by love with your baby, in a matter of weeks the pain will be a distant memory.

It is a love you have never felt before.

Postpartum life is tough. It can be hard. Especially if you have other children at home. It is not as easy to rest. But it is also full of love and is such a beautiful time, you will not remember what your life was like before and how you existed without your little bundle of joy. It will be full of late nights and forming a bond that will never be broken. You will learn so much this year, and most importantly learn what really matters in life.


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