My Favourite Products For Newborns…

I thought I would share with you all my favourite products for newborns, these are also what I wouldn’t have been able to live without during these early days.

Aden & Anais Muslins

I have the Disney collection ones. There so soft and great for using with everything!


We have a few swaddles, they have been a life saver! My first born hated being swaddled. With my second she loves it and would be swaddled all day if she could. We have a gro bag swaddle, Love to Dream swaddle and one from JoJo Maman Bèbè. They are all brilliant and so easy to do up being Velcro or zips.

Water Wipes

These have been very gentle on my babies skin. There very soft and also approved by hospitals! They are definitely worth the extra pennies.

Snuzpod 3

I am so happy with the crib we had chosen. This can be rocked, is very spacious, attaches to the bed and also has a recliner on if your little one is suffering from reflux.

Angelcare Bath Seat

I love this bath seat. It’s perfect for newborns. We used this with our first and using it again this time around. It goes in the big bath so you can even enjoy a bath with your baby.

Boba Sling

I was a bit late to the game when it came to buying a sling/wrap. I did not buy one when I was preparing for baby. My baby always wants cuddling so I decided to purchase one and it was a game changer! I finally had my hands back to do things. This Boba wrap is so soft and so easy to put on by yourself. It ties nicely with no straps or buckles.

Lansinoh Nipple Balm

If you are planning on doing any breastfeeding I would recommend you have this product within arms reach! You may be lucky enough to not need it but your likely to be sore at the beginning of breastfeeding. This soothes so much and stops any cracking getting worse.

Share with me your favourite products for newborns! What couldn’t you live without during those early days?


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