What’s In My Changing Bag – Newborn Edition…

Let’s admit, we all LOVE a ‘What’s in my….’ post. Well I do anyway, maybe I’ts just the nosey in me.

I carry around for a newborn and a toddler. Although I find most days I have nothing in my bag that is toddler related, it is mainly baby stuff.

I have the PacaPod changing bag and I absolutely love it. It comes with a changing mat and two separate pods to help you keep your bag organised.

There is nothing worse then searching for something in a bag that is so cluttered. I am mega guilty for having a overflowing bag, but these pods really have helped me keep everything organised.

Changing Pod

    -In my changing pod things are quite simple. I have nappies, wipes and nappy sacks.
  • Insulated Pod – This one is great for keeping food items. I keep bottles, and sometimes a drink for My toddler . Any spillage it won’t leak through. This pod will be good when it comes to weaning as I can take any fruit/veg pieces out with me and keep them stored freshly.
  • Muslin Squares – I use the Aden & Anais ones
  • Change of clothes for Baby.
  • My stuff – Purse, keys, lip balm, hand cream, glasses.
  • Random toddler toy – At the minute it’s a little pot of slime. Not sure how it got there but it’s sealed so don’t worry.
    Random toddler snack.

Well there you have it! My changing bag! Its a bit like a Mary Poppins bag. As my baby gets older no doubt it will get worse and I will have more things to carry. Snacks and teething equipment.

Share with me what you carry in your changing bag in the comments below!



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