Mia’s 3rd Birthday In London…

So Mia turned 3 in February! How did that happen? I can’t believe I have been a mummy for 3 years.

Mia is a leap year baby so we decided to celebrate her birthday on the 28th.

This year instead of throwing some kind of party, we decided to take her out for the day. As much as she would of loved a party, she is still quite young and she still absolutely loved the day we planned for her. I have many years of parties to plan so whilst she is still young, I’m going to keep them party free.

She had a party for her 1st and 2nd birthday, so this year we switched it up a little.


Our day began with the first trip into Hamley’s. Mia has never been before so you can imagine her face when she got in there.


Mia loves peppa pig. She asked for her picture.

This made her day. Mia’s favourite princess.

Of course she got some sweeties.

To my surprise Mia did not pick up every thing in the shop. I think with it being so big it was a little over whelming. She came out with some sweets and a high chair for her dolly. I love Hamley’s, they also have a lot of staff on the floors showing all the toys to the children and how they work.

After Hamley’s we went for a coffee whilst we awaited our table at the rainforest cafe. I have never been here before, so I think I was just as excited as Mia!

Rainforest Cafe in Piccadilly

As soon as you walk into here you can feel the experience is going to amazing. You first walk through their shop before heading through to the restaurant. The shop has a range of animal themed merchandise and all for a reasonable price.

Mia got a new cup!

Our table was in front of the gorillas.

They even had a large fish tank in the middle!

I would definitely take Mia here again she loved the experience!

After this we headed into Leicester Square and visited M&M world and the Lego store.

Can you believe this is made of Lego!

Mia made a new friend

This again was a lovely experience for her, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself!

It was way into the evening by this point, so we decided to head back to the car and begin our travel home.

It started to get super busy as we all know London can get hectic as it heads into the night!

We had a lovely day and I am so glad everything went the way we had planned.

If you are thinking of heading to London and not sure where to take the children, try some of these places I’m sure they will love it!

Much love,


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