Ultimate Guide To Getting Ready For Your New Baby…

I remember when I was pregnant with Mia and I felt so overwhelmed with everything that I needed to buy. There are so many lists trawling the internet you just don’t know where to start. A lot of things are preferences rather than needs so there is really no need to go overspending! I have put together this guide to share with you the things that I have been using the second time around.

Car Seat – This is obviously a necessity if you have a car. Hospitals will no longer let you leave the hospital without a car seat. We used the Maxi Cosi range. We used this for Mia also and it lasted us ages.

Car Mirror – This is more of a preference. But on my list, this was a must. I could not stand the thought of driving with a new baby in the back and not being able to see them. It freaked me out.

Pram – Obviously for going out and about you will need a travel system. A lot of prams do not come with the newborn bassinet so this will have to be purchased separately. We have the Bugaboo Chameleon which is a travel system including the bassinet.

Nappy Bag – Preferences will take over this one. For me, I wanted one that was stylish and also big enough to fit my stuff, baby stuff, and toddler snacks. Suitcase anyone?

Cot/Crib – For the first few months I have my girls in some form of crib or Moses basket. Ava is currently using the Snuz pod which attaches to the side of my bed. It’s stylish and very spacious so I know she is going to get good use out of it.

Bed Sheets/Waterproof Mattress Protector – We use the Snuz range to fit the crib. The waterproof mattress protector will stop all the sicky and pooeyness from ruining the mattress.

Mattress – This needs to be firm and flat in accordance with the safety guidelines surrounding SIDS.

White Noise Machine – I never tried one of these with Mia. Ava absolutely loves hers. We have the Ewan Dream Sheep. It has a warming red light on the front along with some white noise sounds. The new one even has a cry sensor so when baby stirs it turns on.

Vests – Grab a few of these, you will go through a lot in the early days!

Sleepsuits – Again with these, grab yourself a fair few. You’ll find some days you will go through 4-5 outfit changes.

Hats – Cotton hats I found best to use in the hospital. They are softer to touch. During the winter months, a warm knitted hat will be perfect for outside.

Outfits – This one I personally would not go crazy on. I had every intention when the girls were born to put them in their cute outfits and get snapping photos. Most of them they outgrew before I got round to them even wearing it. There is just no time for this sort of thing.

Baby Bath – We used the Angel Care bath support seat for both the girls. They got on great with them, they are comfortable and very sturdy. You just pop them into the big bath and voila. No mess no hassle.

Bath Towels


Nail Clippers – Grab ones specially designed for baby. their fingers are so small and fragile you do not wanna be using big old clippers.

Nappy Cream – Have this to hand for the sensitive bums.


Baby Wipes


Breast Pump These are handy to have even if you are not expressing. It can help ease engorgement in the early stages.

Nursing Bras – A couple of these should do the trick. Easy to pull down.

Breast Pads – You’ll need these for those glorious leakages.

Nipple Cream This is a MUST in my books. Cracked nipples are no fun. Cue the tears.


Steriliser – You will probably need this if you are using a breast pump as well.

Bottles – Grab a few bottles. Babies feed little and often, you don’t want to be washing and sterilising 100 times a day.

Formula Powder


I hope this guide helps you prepare for your little one. Dont be overwhelmed with all the massive lists out there. Keep it simple and stick to the necessities.


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