A guide to the Easter Holidays…

It’s nearly time for all the chocolate, hyper children and keeping them entertained for the whole 2 weeks they have off of nursery/school.

Mia has been asking if the Easter bunny is coming for a good 3-4 weeks now. Honestly the novelty will be well gone by the time the bunny arrives. *wink wink*

I have put together a little guide to hopefully help all you adults with children in your care get through the holidays. Bored kids are no fun.

Drum roll please ………

Easter Egg Hunt

Obviously this was going to be up there! You can do these at home also, hide them in super hard places round the house and keep them looking for a while. Honestly, it will buy you 20 minutes to drink your tea and have a scroll through Instagram.


These craft sets you can find over at Baker Ross – Click Here. They have so many activities you can purchase and for such fantastic prices. Grab a bunch and plan them for over the holidays.

Pinterest – aka The Holy Grail. Have a search around on Pinterest. You will come across lots of cute little crafts.


Everybody loves a chocolate cornflake cake! Especially with mini eggs on the top find this recipe Here


If you see yourself stuck indoors because of the weather or you just fancy a day inside you can print out this free downloadable sheet from Frankie’s Doodles. She runs through her Instagram with a shop on Etsy. Follow the link to access them and get colouring/painting! Don’t forget to tag her in your pictures!

Frankie’s Doodles Downloadable Sheet

Frankie’s Doodles Instagram

A Day Out

Last year we headed over to Willow’s Activity Farm for their annual Easter egg hunt. This will end up being a full day out, there is soft play in the lunch hall, outdoor parks, sheep racing, character shows, farm animals and being able to hold the little guinea pigs. Majority of places like these will host some sort of easter event.


Find them here, where you can purchase some tickets.

Well there you go Mummas and Daddies, I hope this can give you some inspiration for planning your Easter break!




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