6 Month Old Routine…

Having just recently introduced solids to Ava, our routine has had a little switch up. I thought I would share with you all our current nap times, feeding times, and night time routine.

I have noticed with Ava that I am not so strict with a routine. With my first I was very adamant on having a routine, I love routine and I really do think it helps in letting baby know what is to come.

During the days, Ava has some sort of routine with her naps. However, it really does depend on whether she has had a unsettled night, has woken up earlier than usual or is having a growth spurt. But Ava knows when I put her into her gro bag and into her crib that she is going for a nap and she will settle herself to sleep.

At night, I have found it is super important to get into a routine so your baby knows it is bedtime. It took me a while to try and find my feet with the bedtime routine. Having a 3 year old as well, I needed to trial and error a few things until we finally slipped into a routine we now stick too!

So here is our current simple routine:


1) WAKE UP – Ava will usually wake around 6am for her first bottle of the day. She has around 6oz in this bottle. If she has had a bad night she will sometimes drop off back to sleep. But if not, we will start our day from here.

2) BREAKFAST – I am now giving Ava breakfast which she is loving! She has tried banana, different flavoured porridge’s and fruit purées. We have breakfast around 7:30 as the girls are always hungry by now!

3) 1ST NAP – The first nap of the day will happen at around 8:30-9 and last around 45 minutes. Ava has been teething recently and this nap has been more of a 1hr one.

4) BOTTLE – Once awake a 10am bottle will be given. This one I do as 5oz as I am also giving her lunch as well.


1) LUNCH – Lunch will be given around 12-1 depending on what is being done that day. Mia goes to nursery at 12:30 two times a week, so Ava has no set lunch time at the minute. If we are home then she will have lunch with Mia around 12:30. Nursery days she will have it when I get back around 1pm.

2) NAP – This is the main nap of the day and can last anywhere between 1-2 hours. She will usually go down around 1:30-2.

3) BOTTLE – Ava will have her next bottle around 4pm. Sometimes she wants this earlier if she has not had much of her lunch.

4) NAP – Most day’s Ava will need a third nap in the day. This will all depend if her afternoon nap was cut short or she is going through any changes. If she naps I try not to let it go later then 5:00pm.

Bath & Bed Time:

1) DINNER – Ava is not yet having dinner as we are still yet to progress onto 3 meals a day. Her bottle at 4pm is her dinner. When we do introduce dinner, we will cut down her dinner bottle a little at a time.

2) BATH – We will always bath the girls after their dinner so they are nice and clean for bed. Sometimes the girls will bath together or otherwise Jack will bath Mia and I will bathe Ava. There is something special about having that little one on one time.

At the moment for bath time we are using the Salcura Junior Bio Range you can shop these HERE. It is so soft and gentle on babies sensitive skin. The Salcura Junior Range leaves skin so soft and smells amazing. These products also help with eczema, nappy rash & cradle cap.

3) MASSAGE & MOISTURISE – When Mia was a Baby I used to do baby massage classes with her. She loved them and I wish I could do them with Ava! Baby massage has been proven to help aid baby sleep, development and also bond with mum and dad. I try to do this with Ava after every bathtime. It is such a lovely way to help them calm down and get them ready for bedtime.

4) PYJAMAS & SWADDLE – Next we place Ava into her sleep suit and into her grobag. She knows what is coming by this point and knows it’s bedtime.

5) BOTTLE – Ava will have a bigger feed here before being placed into her crib next to my bed. We are currently using the Snuzpod.

I would love to know if you think routine is important? Or do you prefer baby to just lead the way?


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