Peppa Pig World

My 3 year old has been obsessed with Peppa Pig for a while now. In fact, you can tell it is shown a lot in my house when my 6 month old has started to love it!

We were very lucky to be given the chance to visit Peppa Pig world last week. I have to say, it really did live up to its expectations. If you are looking for UK attractions, or family days out in the UK, then this is a must on your list.

Peppa Pig world is part of Paultons Park. There are lots of rides and attractions and its the UK’s number one family theme park! The park is based in Hampshire right on the edge of the New Forest National Park!

We visited the park on a Saturday, so we expected it to be very busy. There was question for the rides, however, they really wasn’t too long and the place did not feel overly crowded!

The first ride we went on was Peppa’s Balloon Ride. The que was around 25 minutes, which I did not think was too bad. Mia’s little face when she was on there was definitely worth the wait!

Walking around Peppa Pig world, you will always see characters where ever you look. Along with the beautiful scenery of flowers and shrubbery, it really makes you feel like you are in the television set!

If you asked Mia her favourite part of the day it would probably be the meet and greet with Peppa and George. The meet and greet was on between 12:15-2:15pm which I think was great. We got in the que at 12:10 and we was near the front. By the time the characters had come out and we had the pictures taken, the que was massive. I would advise if you do this to head there a little earlier rather than later.

After the meet and greet it was lunchtime so we headed for something to eat. Within Peppa Pig world you can head to Daddy Pig’s Big Tummy Cafe or for something sweet Mia’s Rabbit’s Ice Cream Parlour. There are also a lot more places to eat within the park including the new (ish) Wild Forest Family Restaurant situated right at the main entrance.

After lunch Mia wanted to go into Mr Potato Worlds playground. Within the playground is the Muddy Puddle Splash Park. We was very lucky with the weather, being a hot day this was perfect for cooling down. It was so refreshing for her!

The day seemed to just fly away with us. It was 2pm and we didn’t realise how fast the time has gone! We decided to take a walk out of Peppa Pig world and explore some more of Paultons Park. We bumped into some more beautiful scenery known as the Japanese Garden at Paultons Park. The garden was created to bring a sense of relaxation away from the excitement of the rides and attractions. I could imagine it just does that. The garden is gorgeous with running water, stones and beautiful trees. We did not get time to sit here and relax due to the time ticking away and a overly excited toddler.

We headed to lost kingdom with a quick pop into critters creek along the way.

Cat-O-Pillar Coaster 0.9m – This looked like a fun and speedy little rollercoaster. We did it manage to get on any rides in Critter Creek but I could imagine this one would be fun!

Prof. Blasts Expedition Express – No Restriction. This is a cute little train that goes round the track. Perfect for smaller ones.

Lost Kingdom

This is a dinosaur themed area to Paultons Park. I would say this area is based more for older children.

As Mia is only 3 and she is quite dinky so we didn’t spend a lot of time in Lost Kingdom.

The Flight Of The Pterosaur – 1M – Mia’s dad actually went on this ride! It looked like a lot of fun. The speed of the rollercoaster is over 30mph. The young ones all came off laughing so I am guessing it won’t scare anyone!

Velociraptor – 1M. – I saw this one but I don’t think I could go on it! It drops 20m in the air and reaches speeds of 40mph before it reverses and does it all again…. backwards!!

Dino Chase – No Restrictions – perfect for young adventurers who love dinosaurs!

The Dinosaur Tour Co. – No Restrictions – 4×4 Jurassic jeep expedition. Come face to face with some of the largest dinosaurs to have walked the planet.

They also have a dinosaur encounter where you can feel and take a picture with a dinosaur! The dinosaurs are realistic and walk around.

We headed out of Lost Kingdom after the dinosaur encounter as Mia wanted to go back to Peppa Pig. On the way we stopped if and had a go on the Viking boats. There was no que so we jumped on!

Once back in the park we headed over to Grammy Rabbits Sailing Club. We loved this ride, we could just sit in a boat and drift along looking at all the displays. Mia loves pointing out and naming all the characters.

Mia was very tired by this point so we decided to start our journey home. We exited through the big toy shop (you can imagine how that went down). It was definitely a struggle to get her out of there!

We loved our time at Peppa Pig world, but I would advise, especially if you have young children, to get 2 day park tickets. It’s a lot of walking for one day and we did not get to do half as much as we wanted. There is so much to explore and look at! Mia absolutely loved her day here and loved seeing all her favourite characters. If you have Peppa fans, this really is the place to go!

If you are thinking of visiting the park have a look at these Top Tips For Visiting Paultons Park!

1 – Once in the park grab yourself a lost child sticker and put it out of reach of your child. Preferably putting it on their back.

2 – At the beginning of the day, head to the back of the park and work forwards. The closest rides seem to be popular straight away.

3 – To reduce waiting times in the school holidays. Head to Peppa Pig world straight away or towards the end of your day.

4 – Pushchairs are not allowed in the waiting lines. So take a spare bag to have your valuables in.

5 – Bring socks for your child to invade they want to play in the indoor play zone.

6 – Bring a towel and swimming consume for the muddy puddle splash park and water kingdom when they are open.

7 – Go on the water rides last incase you get wet.

You can access the Paultons Park website here

**This post was in partnership with Paultons Park. However, all words and opinions are my own **



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