My Top Baby Products 2019

There are so many baby products out there, and year by year they are getting more sleek, more stylish and more practical.

I have come across some fantastic products this year, some which I haven’t yet tried (but would love too) and some I have got which I just find amazing!

So without further ado I will share with you my top baby products 2019 that I have found during my first 6 months with my second child.

1) Zippy Up Baby Grows:

I had never heard of this company before I had Ava. ZippyUp have put together items of clothing, with the issue in mind that every parent has struggled with. POPPERS ON A SLEEP-SUIT. Now I don’t know about you but trying to find those pesky poppers in the middle of the night was not something I was going to miss.

ZippyUp have designed sleep-suits that are high in quality and have an amazing value. They have zips on the products instead of poppers. It just makes everything SO much easier! They are perfect for fast moving babies that roll and dart off when changing their nappies.

I have loved having some Of these sleep-suits and I will 100% be using them again if I were to have another baby. The zip on the front of the product is concealed so you don’t need to worry about the zip irritating babies skin. It also has a tab at the neck, to make sure the zipper doesn’t catch on babies chin.

You can purchase a ZippyUp product by clicking HERE.

2) Vital Baby Steriliser:

This steriliser I found out about when attending their new collection launch this year. The new Vital Baby Nurture Range is super sleek & stylish. A lot of thought has gone into these products which has made me love them even more!

This steriliser uses only UV light that will destroy bacteria without the need for liquids, chemicals, heat, steam or sterilising fluid. What is most amazing about this product? it can be used to sterilise anything from bottles, dummies, toys, cosmetic products and even your mobile phone!

You can purchase the steriliser HERE

3) Ewan Dream Sheep:

Ewan is officially here for the long run in my household. My 6 month old loves him and cuddles him to sleep every night. The light, volume and sounds can be adjusted on here to suit your babies needs. We have the Ewan Deluxe which has a cry sensor. How amazing?! When baby stirs Ewan plays. It’s been an absolute winner for us. You can purchase a Ewan HERE

4) Stokke Baby Highchair:

This chair is a chair for life. It goes from newborn up to adult! Can you believe?! Both my girls have them, with their names engraved in the back for the perfect finishing touch. The high chairs go through every stage so no need to worry about having to buy something bigger as your child grows. Very stylish, amazing quality and a beautiful range of colours.

You can purchase the high chairs HERE


5) Stokke Blanket

Super soft warm blanket is the most underestimated essential for a newborn. Grab one that is good quality and it will last you years. You can get different colours but grey is always a brilliant baby colour. The Stokke blankets are extra warm, extra cosy and brilliant for lying baby down on.

You can purchase the blanket HERE

All these products are winners for any parent to be. Not just for their versatility but the prettiness of them all. Lifesavers!

* Some of the products in this post were kindly gifted to me. All opinions are unbiased and independent advice that you can trust *


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