Introducing Wildlife To Kids In A Fun Way


Some of the most famous wildlife conservationists can thank their childhood for introducing them tothe amazing creatures that share this planet with us. Children are at first afraid of animals because since they’re small and defenceless, anything other than your family or human, can be a threat. But eventually children will grow to like animals, especially if you have a pet in the family home. Parents also have to keep life interesting for the kids as they get bored easily. So, these two issues go hand in hand with one another. You can introduce many aspects of wildlife to kids and make it fun for them to learn about creatures great and small.


Beautiful wings

On a hot summer’s day, there will be plenty of butterflies around in the garden. Use this time to allow your children to see what they are. They’ll be intrigued by the beautiful flapping wings and want to catch them. First, they need a butterfly fishing net. This net allows the user to trap a butterfly without harming it. Have some empty glass jars ready to put the butterflies under when you empty the nets. By popping the butterfly into the jars, you can have a closer look at them. Buying a butterfly book to go along with this, will make it fun to identify what kind of butterfly you’re looking at. Allow the kids to play with them in their hands and then after a while set them free again. It’s an education activity that will increase their understanding of the wildlife around them.


Out on the farm

One of the best things about being a kid is paying a visit to the farm. Cows, sheep, rabbits, ducks and chickens are all at this children’s farm.  Willows provides so much for children to do, from seeing the animals, watching them race, or even visiting their rabbit/Guinea pig petting house. Children will be able to hold them on their laps and give them a stroke, massively helping to increase their confidence. Parents can book days out where the children have plenty of room to play and interact with the animals. They have various features as well, such as birthday party services, the Peter Rabbit show, membership options and in-house food. There are plenty of outdoor play opportunities as well, as the farm has streams, fields and jungle gyms. There’s also a number of competitions that are centred around animal facts and welfare. Again, it’s educational but it’s also fun for the kids to play.

Camping and watching

You might be thinking that camping has all but died out. Well, if you’re a parent that’s far from the truth because kids love it. You should go camping with your small children with the aim of bird watching. Search online for a bird watching group that show children what to look for and parents what they need.

Wildlife is not something we should ever be alien to. Introducing animals and insects to children early on in their lives, making it fun but also educational will give them a better appreciation for their surroundings.


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