The Busy Mum Guide To Getting More “Me Time”


Life as a mum can get so hectic and chaotic. It isn’t something you truly understand before kids. When you only have yourself to think about, you have other things that take up your time. Perhaps work commitments or social engagements. Meeting your partner, and starting a family just seems like a logical step to take. You swear your life won’t change that much, but it really does in more ways than you realise.


The biggest thing you lose is time, and more specifically time for yourself. Your days are spent working out your child’s routine, perhaps looking after the home, or taking care of your partner when they come in from a hard day’s work. At some stage you may even head back to work yourself or decide to add to your family. Life moves at a fast pace, that before you realise, the day is done, and you wonder if you even drank as much water as you should have or whether you even got to eat a full meal.


The truth is all mums need a little “me time” every now and again. Of course, these days ‘me’ time isn’t sat lazing around a spa drinking cocktails all day. It’s about getting snippets of time as and when you can. It’s seeing an opportunity and grabbing it with both hands. With that in mind, here are some of the ways to try and snatch a bit of time for yourself to recharge the batteries. Happy mum happy baby, after all!


Get some products that are just for mum 

Many times, you have to share your bathtub with the toys or use the kids bath essence. Well, while that is alright for a short-term thing, it’s nice to get some products that are just for you. Some new moisturizers, bath creams and scented candles that smell blissful. These are the things you can whip out at a moment’s notice to just relax. It might just be that you jump in the shower, wash your hair and manage to use a new body wash. Add to that five minutes to moisturise your body and you will feel like a brand-new woman. Guaranteed.


A nice hot bath

When the children are all tucked up in bed, this is the perfect chance for you to have a little time to yourself. This could mean running a nice hot bath and having a good long soak. You can put some of those products to good use and relax in the aromas. A hot bath can be all it takes to recharge your batteries and feel human again. Why not take it up a notch and create a home spa experience. You could invest in hotel quality bathrobesand slippers. Perhaps a new pyjama set and a face mask. Being a mum can take every bit of energy from you, so make sure you take care of yourself. A bath like this may not be on the cards every night, but if you can schedule in some time, for example, a Saturday evening when you have the extra support from your partner maybe, could be the ideal opportunity to indulge.


A moment with a hot drink, a magazine or good book

Maybe the kids are at school, or you just have a bit of time if they still nap. Use this time to your advantage. It is understandable that you may have chores to do or errands to run. But if you just take ten minutes to yourself to enjoy a nice drink and have a read of something that interests you. You won’t believe how refreshed you will feel; you will probably get just as many chores done if not more. It’s all about taking care of the mind. If you can invest in some time for yourself, then you are likely to be productive because of it.

At home facial

This isn’t as posh as it sounds. It’s taking the chance to pop on a face mask and relax while it does its thing. Or concentrating on your skin by giving it some TLC. It may not be as relaxing as having a facial in a lovely salon, but you will see the benefits. When we look good, we feel good. So, taking care of yourselves is one of the best ways to boost your confidence. You could even look into some home-made options and put your pantry items to good use. Honey, things like avocado and yogurts can all be put towards making homemade masks for your skin and they can give some pretty amazing results.


Paint your nails

When you have freshly painted nails, you instantly feel better about yourself. It doesn’t take long to do but can be an instant mood lifter. You could get up a little earlier and do them then or use your evening after that relaxing bath to give yourself a little pamper. These things don’t need to cost you a lot of money.



It may sound like this is using more energy than actually saving it, but exercise is actually amazing for you as a mum when it comes to your mood and mindset. There are many home workouts that you can do simply by following YouTube videos or DVDs. You could get up earlier and exercise, and feel energised for the day ahead, or you can choose to do it in nap times or the evening. The endorphins rush around your body and have such a positive effectthat it is definitely a great way to spend your time to yourself. You could even head to a local class in the evening or on a weekend and it might give you a chance to meet new people.


Most important of all, taking time for yourself gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself. If you are a happy contented person, then you are a happy contented mum. The kids get the best of you when you are feeling at your best. So, invest in the time to make that happen.


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