A Guest Bedroom And A Playroom, How You Can Make It Happen

Many mums will agree, children’s toys get everywhere, which can be a real pain. Even if your child has their own bedroom, this still doesn’t seem to prevent their toys from spreading all over the house. However, if you are lucky enough to have a playroom, this tends to happen a little less, as most of your little one’s playing is done in there. Many of us mums long for a playroom for our children, but due to lack of space, this just doesn’t seem possible.

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That being said, with a bit of smart design work, you might be able to have your playroom, after all. If you have a guest bedroom in your home, you could consider transforming it into a beautiful playroom. This doesn’t mean getting rid of your guest room, you just need to combine the two together, that’s all. To help you do this, here are some tips for creating a beautiful guest bedroom and playroom in one.


Colour Scheme

As you want the room to be suitable for both kids and adults, it’s important to think carefully about the colour scheme. While children love bright colours, for a guest bedroom, these don’t work so well. Instead of decorating with bold shades, consider opting for a pastel colour palette. Pastelsare fantastic as they add a beautiful splash of colour to the room but won’t make it too bright. Plus, in terms of the elegance of the room, cooler colours work fantastically well.


Swap from carpet to hard flooring

Children make a mess; they spill things and get sticky handprints, everywhere. Which is why, having carpet in a room where your kids will spend a lot of time may not be the best choice. Instead of carpet, swap to hard flooring. This is when you may want to speak to a flooring consultantto get some ideas on your best options. Lino or laminate is ideal for a guest room and playroom combination, as it’s safe and easy to keep clean.


Forget the bed

If you want your guest bedroom to function well as a playroom, the bed has to go. Instead of having a traditional bed, consider investing in a sofa bed or a double futon. These can be used for story time with your children, and then when you have guests, folded down to create a bed. To ensure that the room is as inviting as possible, choose a futon or sofa that works well with the colour scheme of the room. It’s also a good idea to opt for a material, like leather, that’s easy to clean, as kids are prone to making a mess.


Lots of storage is crucial

To ensure that the room stays as tidy as possible, having lots of storage space is a must. This is not only needed to keep your children’s toys off of the floor, but also to store bedding for when guests come to stay. For storage, built in wardrobes work incredibly well. As do shelving units and chests, that can be used for storing your children’s toys and bed linen.


These storage units from Ikea are GREAT! Very cheap and hides away anything you don’t want to be on show

Let’s hope this has given you some inspiration on how you can create the perfect guest bedroom and playroom combination.

Share with me in the comments below what you think will make a great guest room/play room!



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