What You Need For Your Babies Nursery

Most people have the perfect image in their head of what they would like their babies nursery to look like. They think about the art, layering rugs, applying the perfect decals to the walls and choosing the statement furniture but what do you ‘really’ need in the nursery for it to work how it’s supposed to.


Have a look below at some of the things you need to make sure you have, in your babies nursery:


Somewhere for them to comfortably sleep


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Whether you decide to use a crib or bassinet your baby is going to need somewhere to sleep. In the nursery a crib is often the best choice, a bassinet is more for use when the baby is in your room. You will also need items such as a mattress protector, a decent mattress and plenty of sheets. If you do not have a radiator or WiFi heater to warm the room it’s important to make sure you have something to bundle the baby in on cooler nights too. Crib bumpers are now considered unsafe to use and things such as blankets and cuddly toys should be kept out of the crib. When thinking about the baby’s room it may be worth looking   at blackout curtains or blinds as people tend to have much better success in the summer months blocking out the sunlight in the late evenings. I have always used grobags with both my girls which I feel are the safest way to put baby to sleep.


Somewhere To Get Them Changed

Immediately after labour or a c-section if you needed one, chances are, you’re not going to want to be bending down much to change the baby so therefore it’s essential that you have a clean, practical area to get them changed. You will need items such as a wipeable change mat, there is an abundance of options available, a disposal area or nappy disposable bin, nappies, wipes and change of clothes to hand. You might prefer not to keep any used nappies in a disposal unit in the nursery, but it doesn’t take much to walk them to the bin. Many people choose to use a dresser top as a changing area and then store the required items in the top drawer. Just be mindful of your little one rolling from heights as they get bigger.


Storage For Babies Things

Babies tend to accumulate a lot of items that require storage. To begin with, you may find that a small set of drawers in your room is sufficient enough to cater to their needs but as they grow, you will learn how much they really need. It’s a good idea to make sure you have storage such for essentials such as nappies, clothing, wash items and many more. Try thinking about the types of storage that you can include in the furniture design of the nursery such as a large dresser that can also be used as a changing table or including drawers under the crib. Don’t forget to add in a little storage for toys, they will quickly accumulate a variety of items that you may wish to store in the nurseryinstead of around the house.


These are three areas that should be a priority when it comes to items you ‘really’ need for your babies  nursery. Do you have any others that have been missed from the list? Please add them in the comments areas below.

Other items you may find are necessary for you:


  • Nursing Chair. These are great for somewhere to go for those night feeds, Think of it as your little mum zone. Have a comfy chair alongside a little basket and fill it with snacks and drinks to help you through those night feeds.


  • Night Light. Not really a necessity although great for during the night and you need a little light to see what you are doing.


  • Mobiles. This is quite an opinionated product. These have been around for years and known to help soothe baby to sleep with lights and calm sounds. Some believe they keep baby awake by stimulating them more.


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