The Big & The Small Lessons In Motherhood

Motherhood truly does change you. It teaches you many things and often shapes you into a better version of yourself. While there are many lessons in motherhood we expect to learn from just being a parent, such as how to change a nappy or put on a baby grow, there are plenty of others, most mums are surprised by. Some are big, and some are small, but even the most seemingly irrelevant learnings are very important. With that in mind, here are seven lessons in Motherhood you are sure too experience.


Baby Wipes Fix Everything

A life without baby wipes is one no mother wants to rush back too. While they aren’t the most eco-friendly invention, they are brilliant for nearly every occasion. You can use them on baby behinds, sticky hands, makeup, and even dust. Even when your kids are grown up, you’ll always want to keep a stash of baby wipes close by, just in case a messy emergency suddenly strikes.

It Takes A Village

We’ve all heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a baby” at least once in our lives, but most people don’t realise how true that is until they become parents themselves. As much as we love them, raising children isn’t easy. They’re loud, energetic, messy, and so demanding. Rather than struggle alone, you have to learn to accept help. Loved ones are always willing to lend a hand.




Pick Function Over Style

The perfect nurseries you see on Pinterest are nothing but a fantasy. As beautiful as they may be, your kids won’t want wooden toys when plastic Disney dolls are an option. Function will always be favoured over style, except where cars, like the new Vauxhall Crossland X, are concerned. This vehicle is stylish, but the practical features make it a great family car too.


Fight The Right Battles

Mums have to face so many battles in their lifetime. If you were to try and fight all of them, you would surely grow exhausted. This is why you must stick with those that matter the most. The longer you’re a parent, the shorter the list of battles you’re willing to wage will become. If you learn to trim this list in the beginning, motherhood would be a much easier journey to take.

All Kids Are Different

Treating your kids fairly doesn’t always mean treating them equally. Although all the parenting books might tell you children have the same needs, that isn’t always true. No matter your child’s age or gender, they are an individual. This is why every mother’s journey is different. If there were a one-size-fits-all way to parent, then we would all be perfect, which we certainly aren’t.


Motherhood Never End’s

The time our kids spend under our roofs isn’t very long. Usually, it’s less than a fifth of their entire life. However, once your child leaves home, you don’t stop being their mother. The relationship will evolve over time, but it won’t ever fade away. You’ll always worry about your kids, just like they will always come to you when they’re worried themselves.


Mothers Are The Bee’s Knee’s

The fact we can grow, birth, feed babies really is awesome. And we also keep them alive? We are hard and we do amazing things.


Motherhood is a learning experience, with every lesson in motherhood being important. We all wing it at the beginning and we will all have our own unique journey through motherhood.



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