Surviving The Upcoming Costs Of The Festive Season

Having to try survive the upcoming costs of the festive season can somtimes take the joy out of the festive period. The festivities at the end of each year can help many of us feel excited through and through. Seeing our extended family members again, celebrating a loving Christmas or new year with those closest to us, and also a great justification to eat plenty of food and put on a little weight can all seem like a great way to cap off the end of the year. And then you think about the costs.

Unfortunately, this time of year can be expensive for many, and it’s approaching quickly. Not only that but as it is 2019 as of the time of this writing, the end of the decade is coming up. This can often mean that people wish to celebrate just a little more, perhaps become a little more indulgent, and this can all translate into even further costs.

Surviving this financially tumultuous time can sometimes seem impossible, but provided you have somewhat of a stable income, you may have more room to maneuver than you think. Let us consider what that may mean ahead of time. Continue reading for my top tips on how to survive the upcoming costs of the festive season!

Look For Promotions In Advance

There are many preparatory and also last-minute deals that you can benefit from when considering the costs of your festive celebration. For example, if celebration Christmas then it might be you wish to order a goose or turkey. Might it be that ordering in advance or even waiting until the last minute to decide what food you will eat can help you find something a little cheaper? Additionally, what if you opted for something else? If your family has gone vegan, it might be worth making something renewed and interesting ahead of time and employing alternate, cheaper methods of catering to everyone.

Grab cashback on prezzies

With cashback sites, you sign up for free, then click through them to buy something. They get paid for sending traffic and give some of this to you, netting some £100s a year.

Never let the cashback dictate where you spend though. Focus on the cheapest deal, then see if cashback’s available.


Two Birds, One Stone

Two birds, one stone is a philosophy that can suit you well here. Perhaps if you are heading to visit a family this winter and you are invited to spend Christmas with them, it could be that accepting this offer is a little cheaper than having everyone come to your place, and the next year you may return the favor with a little more saved in the bank. It’s these little tricks that can help you benefit from social good grace and perhaps not have to spend as much as you once thought.

Establish a Budget for Christmas Spending.

Make a quick list of everyone you feel you need to gift this Christmas. Then, take a look at your finances, and decide how much you can afford to spend on Christmas gifts. Set this amount as your limit. Write it down.

Think Creatively.

I love a homemade gift. When it comes to gifts for Christmas, do some creative brainstorming on ones you can give that won’t cost you money, or at least at minimal cost. What can you make or bake that would be meaningful? What service might you provide?


The cost of Christmas can sometimes take the joy of this festive period away, with this advice, you’re certain to survive the intensive upcoming costs of the festive season.


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