Everything You Need To Know About Motherhood

Becoming a mother is a sort of rite of passage for many women in their lives. It is a wonderful chance for us to welcome a new generation into the world and share a part of ourselves with the person we love. During adulthood, we think about a lot of different options when it comes to family, such as natural birth, tubal ligation,  adoption, and surrogacy. There are many ways to bring a child into your life, and it is a beautiful challenge whichever method you choose with lots of things to learn and know about motherhood.

 Motherhood is no walk in the park, it is a huge challenge and it is one which you have to be ready for. It will change the landscape of your life from the get-go, and it will be a blessing like no other in your life. Today we want to talk about motherhood and the things you’ll learn when your baby does finally arrive in your life. So here is everything you need to know about motherhood. (My opinion anyway).

Getting your baby to sleep through the night is only the beginning

 When we watch movies and hear about other parents struggling with a baby, the main thing we hear about is how hard it is to get a child to sleep through the night. Because babies are still not fully developed they need to eat often, and this means that often they will only sleep for a few hours at a time before waking up for food. It can be a huge challenge for parents and you might think this is the peak of the challenge you will face. Well, this is only the start. What comes after a child sleeps through the night is way more challenging and it is worth being prepared for this.


You’ll become a great multi-tasker

 At the moment you might not be able to cook a roast dinner due to the different elements you need to time together, but when you have a baby you’ll suddenly grow 10 new arms. When caring for a baby, you will never have the time to do just one job. You’ll become an expert in rapid makeup application while eating your breakfast, dressing your baby, and brushing your teeth. After a short while, multi-tasking will become natural and you’ll be super-efficient at everything you do. 


Patience is a skill

 As a mother, it won’t be long before your patience wears thin and you are one scream away from a breakdown. But over time, patience will become a secret weapon and it will be the only way you manage to get through your day without biting someone’s head off. Patience can be honed and practiced, and as long as you make time for a glass of wine and a bath now and again, you’ll remain cool as a cucumber no matter what the situation. 

You know best

 If you have watched the film Tangled you’ll already know that mother knows best, and this will become incredibly apparent when you become a mother. From the first moment you announce your pregnancy to the world, there will be people who try to give you unsolicited advice and parenting tips. These are well-meaning, but you should never take the advice too seriously because you will learn your own way as you get to know your baby and learn what you feel is best in motherhood your own way. Family and friends will tell you to do things a certain way, but you know your child better than anyone else and it is important to trust your own instincts.


You can’t control it all

 One of the most difficult things to let go of when you are a mother in control. Up until this point in your life, you likely had a specific diet, schedule, and way of living your life. Once a baby comes onto the scene this will all change. The best thing to do as a mother is to stop holding on to the control you once had and open yourself up to a flexible lifestyle. It might be difficult at first but it will ultimately be a healthier choice for both you and your child.


You’ll be able to explain like a pro

 One of the challenges of adult life is being able to explain your way out of tough situations. For example, being late to work can be a pain, but explaining your lateness to your boss can be easier said than done. Having a baby changes the way you explain everything in your life because your child will constantly ask tough questions that you have to answer in a succinct way.

 One of the most common questions a child asks is why is the sky blue? And as a parent, you’ll need to work out how to answer a question like this to appease them. The reason the sky is blue is that the tiny particles in our atmosphere move around in short motions, and short motions create blue light. If the motions of these particles were longer we could see a shift from blue to another color such as yellow or red. You’re welcome.

You’ll become your parents

 When we are young one of the things we are most adamant about is that we will not be like our parents. Even if you have the best parents in the world there will always be things they do that you swear you won’t. Newsflash: you will. The moment you become a parent to your own child, you’ll instinctively fall into familiar patterns of behavior and these will likely be pretty close to your own parents and their style of parenting. There is nothing wrong with being a bit like your parents… you turned out pretty good, didn’t you?


You feel your child’s pain and emotion

 As soon as you become a mother, you become a protective creature and you will do anything to keep your baby happy and safe. You will soon notice a deep connection with your child so much so that their pain and sadness will be felt by you as if it were your own.

What do you feel people need to know about motherhood? What was the best bit of advice you were given?

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