At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

5 Teeth Whitening Myths Busted With Smile Brilliant…

We have all been there, researching the latest teeth whitening methods showing up on your Instagram’s. From tooth whitening toothpaste, oil pulling and even charcoal pastes. I have been there myself, I have lost count the amount of tooth whitening products I have tried.

I have recently incorporated a new product into my evening routine, which has slotted in so well and also busts the myths you see floating around these days!

  1. If you have sensitive teeth, you should not whiten them.

Now I am not going to lie, I have always believed in this statement. There is nothing worse than having super sensitive teeth and not being able to even open your mouth! When I first started using Smile Brilliant this worried me. However, I can safely say that throughout the whole of my course I have not dealt with any sensitivity whatsoever. Now although sensitivity can still be a side effect, the de-sensitizing gel that is provided with Smile Brilliant will help decrease/stop the sensitivity.


  1. Teeth whitening is permanent.

Once you have whitened your teeth it has the possibility to last a while, varying from person to person. However, it will eventually fade away if no top-up sessions are done. Smile Brilliant is great to keep on top of your teeth cleaning. By encouraging it into your routine, in the comfort of your own home, it is super easy to keep on top of. It is also easy for if you see any stains rising you can pop your tray on and banish it straight away.


  1. Teeth whiteners make teeth super white.

Smile Brilliant works to remove stains from your teeth to get them as close to their natural color as possible. This will not always be ‘white’. I like the idea of this better as the treatment is a lot less intense and still gives AMAZING results.


  1. Teeth whiteners are harmful

There have been multiple studies over the years to prove that lab direct whitening such as Smile Brilliant, to be completely safe with minimal side effects. Whilst some people can still come across some form of sensitivity or gum irritation, these can always be canceled out by discontinuing the use of the product. The de-sensitizing gel from Smile Brilliant will also minimize these side effects.


  1. You will get instant results.

Teeth whitening will mostly always be done in a number of sessions to get the results you desire. Smile Brilliant also works the same giving great results over a period of sessions. Some people will see results after 7 days; however, some may need 10-14 days to see their full results. If you have years’ worth of stains on your teeth, come to terms with the fact that it may just take those few extra sessions to get to where you want to be.


I am going to show you below the before images of my teeth.

Now I have never had any form of teeth whitening before. Discoloration of teeth is completely normal and happens to everybody. Now I have found smile brilliant I am so glad I can keep on top of these and keep my teeth feeling as clean as possible.

This is the after of my teeth whitening sessions,

As you can see there is a great difference in the 2. I have done a total of around 10 sessions, so I am going to keep going.


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