Moving Home.. How To Stay Healthy (And Sane).

Moving home is a big challenge and a task that can take a lot of planning, energy, and effort. However, it’s important to also be aware of the fact that it can be a health risk, especially if you have kids in the family. Here, we’re going to look at tips on how to keep everyone healthy, happy, and fit when moving home to avoid injuries and illnesses.

Keep your home clean and organised for moving day 

Slips, trips, and falls are a risk in any environment, but that’s even more true when multiple people are constantly moving through the home with their hands full. Being careful in navigating the home, especially when you’re holding heavy objects is important. Trying to rush can lead to both falls and the risk of pulling a muscle or twisting your ankle. If you have children, it’s important they are kept out of the way for most of the moving day, even if it means having someone take them on a day outside the house.


Lift with care

As mentioned, much of the risk of moving home comes from lifting and moving heavier objects, such as full boxes and furniture. Always remember you’re proper lifting form when you’re lifting. Don’t bend forward, don’t lift items over your shoulders, and don’t hold your breath while lifting. These bad habits can all cause strain that can really hurt your joints, muscles or back. Always remember to wear gloves, too. It’s very easy to find your fingers caught between a door frame or a corner in the wall and a heavy box, which can be very painful indeed.


Don’t take any chances

If a piece of furniture looks too heavy to lift or navigate alone or you simply have too much stuff to move by yourself, then you shouldn’t go it alone. Take the time to invest in a team of removalists if you need them. This is especially important if you have really heavy or awkward possessions such as piano or safe. You may need specialist equipment such as a trolley to get it shifted, so you’re going to need to hire the team that can bring them.

Make sure to catch your breath

Beyond all of the physical risks mentioned above, let’s not forget the stress that moving home can cause. To keep your mind in a healthy spot (at least, as much as you can) ensure that you’re keeping things as stress-free as possible. You can declutter your home ahead of time, getting rid of things you don’t need, to make the move less demanding. It’s important to think about your future home, as well. A new space can feel a little alienating and isolating, so it can be important to make it feel like home as much as possible by unpacking a few of your favourite decorative pieces to add that personal appeal to it.


In most cases, a home move is going to go without incident. However, to make sure that’s true for you, always keep the health tips above in mind.


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