Helping Your Child Thrive: Providing A Learning Foundation In Life That Doesn’t Impact Their Academics

When we are on the topic of education the challenge of motherhood appears to be an education all in itself because you are trying to give your child the best skills in life to progress. But when you start to think about your child’s education in a holistic sense, not just academically, but in terms of life skills, you may start to think about filling in the gaps. But how can you start to give appropriate skills to your child that build the foundation but doesn’t impact on their academic education?

Liaising With The School

It’s important for you to give your opinion. Many parents feel that they don’t have a say in this but when you have a look at your children’s homework and see that there are certain field trips for school students that would provide an extra angle to a specific subject you should bring this up. It’s important to liaise with the school because they need to know exactly how they can improve their facilities and resources. Providing those suggestions is the very least you can do. It’s important not to be a helicopter parent but you have to remember that when you are trying to provide a diverse range of education on various subjects, if the school can implement it, you must chance your arm.


Understanding Where You Can Fill In The Gaps

Their education in school may be somewhat traditional, such as set texts that even you had in school, but if you feel that you can fill in the gaps in their knowledge or you may believe that they could benefit from a different learning style, why don’t you help? Yes, we may all feel too busy to really jump in and help with their homework but if they are struggling with a book or there’s a subject they can’t get their head around, if you can help them to learn it in a different way this is an appropriate skill that can benefit their attitude towards the subject. We have to remember that teachers cannot help in every single way but if we can help our children to learn a subject in a different manner this could be the best approach to managing their education.


Making The Most Of Downtime

Downtime is a double-edged sword for kids and while we can make sure that our children are being academically productive during their downtime it could have an adverse effect or even lead to burnout. We have to remember that our children need to rest and recuperate. But it’s about developing that balance. We can help them to be productive during the holidays but by giving them other things to invest their time in. It’s not necessarily about giving them video games and the like but perhaps they can help us around the house or encourage them to get a part-time job. These things are as important, if not more important, than traditional education. One of the biggest problems that schools can have is that they don’t prepare our children for life outside of the classroom. And this is something that we should spearhead.


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